Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - Posted by Jess at 5:43 PM

Just wanted to put a plug-in for my good friends yoga studio LOTUS Wellness and Gallery, and for my teachers studio Prairie Yoga. Lotus will be hosting the teachers from Prairie Yoga to begin this fall with yet another teacher training program. There will be a 200hr certification program and a 300hr certification program. Now I may be a bit biased, but these women who teach for Prairie Yoga are outstanding teachers with many years of experience! I received my 200hr certification through them and felt that I couldn't have asked for more with my training! They were very thorough with teaching about the all aspects of yoga and I personally am signed up for my 300hr training with them and am very excited! So if you feel the inspiration to teach yoga and help others please check out the LOTUS website! or check out Prairie Yoga's website, Time is coming soon for classes to start so check it out!!