Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

I am a Certified Therapeutic Yoga teacher, a 300hr certified yoga instructor and a certified nutrition coach who wants to help you gain health and keep it so that you can live a happy, full life! The Therapeutic Yoga Sessions are a yoga program for someone in need of something more gentle while recovering from/ or living with an injury or illness, or just in need of some stress relief. This effective one on one approach will be tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle. Whether you are an athelete, a stay at home mom, a retired senior, or a businessperson on the go. I will design a program to fit  your schedule! In the sessions we will focus on Restorative yoga(postures) and Gentle yoga, Pranayama (breathwork), Guided Meditation, Hands on Healing and/or Diet modifications that will  help give you more ease, strength, stability, mobility, and good health!  Please contact me today through email or by phone and let the Healing begin!

How it works:

Initial assessment will be done over the phone and email.

1st session- Physical assessment lasting approximately 90 minutes.

2nd session-60 min session the following week. This is to touch base, and make any necessary           adjustments to the home practice.

3rd session-60 min session, 2 weeks after 2nd session. Here we will assess wether the practice is getting the desired effect and potentially do more in-depth assessments and adjust the practice.

4th session-60 min session, 1 month after 3rd session. It is an opportunity to review what is working, expand or change the practice, and potentially explore other areas.

5th session-60 min session, done at the 3 month anniversary. Student will re-assess symptoms and evaluate how the practice is working.

6th session-60 min session, done at the 6 month anniversary. Another re-assessment will be done to determine the long-term benefits of the practice and if more session are desired.

Single sessions are available and continued sessions after initial 6 are available as well.

How to contact me:

Email me!-

Call me!- 260-797-2040