Session Rates

Therapeutic & Private Yoga Sessions!

6 Session Program- $350.00 (initial session is 90 mins-$80, 5- 60 min. sessions)

1 Single Session-$60.00


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Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapy

In Studio Prices-                                 On Location Prices-

1 1/2 hr.  -$65                                          1 1/2 hr. -$75
2 hr.       -$75                                           2 hr.       -$85

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Healing Yoga for Cancer

This is a gentle yoga class that helps aid in the road to healing from living with cancer. This class will consist of a healing flow of gentle movements and breathing exercises that will support the immune system and help reduce pain, increase energy, build strength, and reconnect you to your body! Open to any level of student. This is a 2hr class.

Yoga Nidra-The Art of Relaxation

Join me for an experience of relaxation at the deepest level. Yoga Nidra is translated as Yogic Sleep. This practice is a deep meditation that brings you to a state that is close to sleep but you are still maintaining full consciousness. It benefits the mind, body, spirit by balancing the nervous system. Giving us a more balanced way to handle life experiences. Come experience the benefits for yourself and feel the transformation this practice has in your life. This workshop is open to all levels of student. Class length-2hrs

Yoga & the Art of the Mandala-Workshop

In this workshop you will learn a bit about what a Mandala is and what they were traditionally  and what they are used for today. We will do a physical yoga practice as well as a meditation that will help you to unleash the creative forces within. And then you will put that creative energy into making your own personal Mandala with watercolor/pens/colored pencil. You will take home a beautiful expression of yourself through the Art of the Mandala.  The workshop last approximately 3 hrs. 1 1/2 for yoga and meditation and 1 1/2 for creating your unique Mandala. Hope you will join me in this wonderful process! If you are interested in setting up a workshop at your studio/party/place of business, please contact me. Can't wait to share this experience with you! 

This workshop is for all levels of yoga student. Everyone is an artist, so come and play!

Yoga for the Desk Jockey

This a class to help ease the stiffness and pain that occurs from having to sit at a desk for long periods of time. This class will help you to reduce that pain and find openness and space during your work day. You will practice and receive suggestions for simple poses you can do during your work day, and also before and after. Join me for insight on how to make a day at the desk more enjoyable and your body will thank you for it! Open to All levels of student. Class length-2 hrs

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