Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapy

What is Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapy?

Thai Yoga Bodywork therapy is a dynamic practice based upon, Yoga, Ayurveda, and Traditional Medicine from China and ancient healing arts of Traditional Thai medicine. It incorporates rhythmic acupressure, assisted yoga stretches while palming and thumbing along the energy lines(Sen lines) and pressure points in the body and joint mobilization. It is a full body treatment that is revitalizing, and relaxing, helping to relieve muscular tension, improve circulation, improved joint mobility, increased flexibility, boosts immune function and helps to balance the body energetically.

Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapy is performed on a mat on the floor, both client and practitioner are fully clothed in comfortable attire allowing ease of movement and flexibility.

Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapy Practitioner-Jessica Burkett, CTYT, 300hr CYT is trained in deonThai Yoga Method

Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapy Session-    IN STUDIO                     ON LOCATION
                                                                  -1 1/2 hr- $65                        -1 1/2 hr- $75
                                                                  -2 hr-       $75                        -2 hr     - $85

Package prices- 5 sessions-$275 for 1 1/2hr. session (save $50) in studio price -add $50 for on location
Must knows before your session-

-Please arrive 15 minutes before your sessions to have time to meet the therapist, fill out any paperwork,discuss any problem areas and get yourself settled for your session.
-Please wear comfortable clothing, such as yoga pants or sweat pants and oversized t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt.
-Please shower before your session and clean your feet.
-Try not to eat a large meal 1-2 hrs before the session.
-Drink plenty of water before and after session.
-Please remove jewelry and leave it at home.
-Socks are typically removed, but you are welcome to keep them on if you like.
-Tipping is optional but appreciated.
-If canceling your session, please contact therapist 24hrs ahead of time.

If you have ill or inappropriate intentions for this session PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME! This is a legitimate therapy. I only accept male clients by referral. 

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**Special** until February 14th, 2015

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