And Westward We Went

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 - Posted by Jess at 4:30 PM

I have returned after a month long trip with my family. We went to Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Really God's country. Nothing like seeing wide open space for miles and miles.  We decided to take this trip for a couple of reasons. 1-We love to travel any chance we get.  2-Work. We decided to go West to film a few yoga dvds (available soon!) Which I am really excited to share with everyone. And 3. Because LIFE IS TO SHORT!!!! So many times you hear people say I wish I would of. We didn't want to come to the end of our lives and make that same statement. See my boys are 9 and 11 and there is this very short window when they still think were not totally lame. (although many days they think we are) We wanted to take advantage of that time to spend time with them, show them some of the world and have adventures. Hopefully to inspire them to take chances and have fun in their lives too.

So what did I learn from this experience? Well, to begin, financially it may of not been the most logical choice, but really when is it the most logical time? There are always what if's. Sometimes we as a society spend so much time planning for the future and saving for the proverbial "rainy day", that we end up passing that day by and find ourselves saying that dreaded question. So I learned to take a bit of a chance and trust the universe is going to have my back.

The next lesson was surrender.(see previous post about surrender!) Sometimes life just doesn't go as planned so I had to go with the flow.

Next was to slow waaaaay down and enjoy the world around you. 4 days without internet service was AWESOME!!! Spent lots of time in nature, hanging out with my family, reading, painting, and chillin'. It was really great and I need to commit to more of ditching the tie to technology.

Lastly (well not lastly, because there were so many lessons but...) walking through Fear! That means feeling courageous on the other side. There were so many opportunities to walk through fear. Alot of it was self created fears, such as talking on camera,  putting myself out there with my teaching, meeting new people, showing others my art, taking my kids on really looong hikes!! :) and trusting the future will all turn out ok.

The experience was amazing and I am so happy we took the chance. I will forever be grateful to all of the help along the way, that my students were so kind to let me take a month off and that I got to spend this priceless time with my family.

So I hope it inspires you to take a chance, walk through those fears, go on some adventures and spend that, oh so short time, with your family while you can!! Much love!